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Confused Ramblings

Because that is all there is to it.

Blaise Zabini
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Name: Blaise Zabini

Age: 16

Year: 6th

House: Slytherin (for now)

I can't say that there is all that much to say about me. I'm a lurker, as you well know from our last little venture together. I'm currently seeking a Lurkers Anonymous group that can help me with this difficult habit to break. (Little joke, in case your wondering.)

Um... I believe that is all. Good day to you.

[Disclaimer: This journal is purely fictional and for enjoyment only. It is part of a role playing game, and we are making absolutely no money off of it. This journal is maintained by damn_my_mind for the spin off of aperio, conturbo. Anything recognizable, whether it be plot, characters, or anything else, belongs in the Harry Potter universe, and subsequently, JK Rowling. No infringement is intended.]